Peripheral Artery Disease Screening & Neuropathy Testing

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Screening
Noninvasive testing provides quick assessment of the arterial flow in the legs.  When appropriate, we make referrals to vascular specialists.   Identification of early PAD is not just about the legs.  Any artery in the body may be affected, such as coronary arteries (heart attack) or coratid arteries (stroke).  The ADA recommends screen all diabetics over 50 years old.   Early identification of PAD and aggressive medical management may  decrease the number of heart attacks and strokes.

Neuropathy Testing
Painful tingling/burning/numbness in our feet is becoming more common in our population.  Over 60% of diabetics will develop neuropathy, and we are also seeing more non-diabetic patients diagnosed with neuropathy.  Good  treatment depends upon a proper diagnosis.  Our office is one of few that offers a simple skin biopsy to microscopically look at the health of the nerve endings.

Weight bearing X-rays
We offer prompt x-rays at your first visit to quickly assess your bones and joints.  And because our x-rays are taken with the patient standing on his feet, we can also assess the biomechanical structure, which often contributes to the foot condition.

Ultrasound Exams
Few practices offer in-office orthopedic ultrasound exams.  This has really added value to your visit at Holland Foot & Ankle.   We can now directly visualize soft tissue problems such as plantar fasciitis (a thickened anddegenerated ligament).  X-rays donot show this painful ligament at all!