There are several types of foot injury.  The professionals at Holland Foot and Ankle are well versed in all types of foot injury and are committed to providing a prompt diagnosis and treatment plan to get you back to your normal lifestyle as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Trauma is the leading cause of injury in the young. Twisting injuries can lead to metatarsal or ankle fractures.  Sometimes the ligaments that connect the bones are stretched or torn causing a sprain.

Repetitive Use:
Repetitive use is a common cause of injury.  Peoples whose occupation require a lot of standing/walking are at risk for foot injuries such as plantar fasciits and tendonitis.   Bones can develop stress fracture.

Sports Injuries:
Sports Injuries occur in athletes who participate in endurance sports such as running, or sports that require sudden changes of direction such as soccer or football, or jumping such as basketball or volleyball.

Degenerative Problems:
Degenerative problems affect bones, joints, tendons, and sometimes ligaments.  Arthritis often affects the great toe joint, making it stiff and enlarged.  Tendons become thickened and weaker, causing more stress on the foot structure.